Dutch organizations

Dutch organizations supporting indigenous peoples:

Amazon Fund

Arctic Peoples Alert


De Kiva

Front Siwa-Lima/ Bangsa Adat Alifuru

Indianen in Brasil

Kalahari Support Group

Lakota Stichting

Mapuche Stichting, Folil

Nanai, Nederlandse Stichting voor Noord Amerikaanse Indianen

Samenwerkingsverband Hoogland Indianen

Samon, Verenigde Samenwerkende Marronorganisaties Nederland

SEED Support Nederland

Saka Mese Nusa Alifuru

Small World Foundation

Stichting Akar

Stichting Bovenlandse Indianen Suriname

Stichting Duurzame Samenleving Papua Barat

Stichting Hulp aan Papua's in Nood

Stichting Manusia Papua

Stichting Terra Nossa

Stichting Rajori

Survival International Nederland

UNPO, Unrepresented Nations and People Organization

Uyghur Support Group Nederland

Vereniging Hawaasa Oromo Nederland



Stichting Akar

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About NCIV

Since 1969, NCIV is an NGO that supports the promotion, recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights. NCIV brings the issues and views of indigenous peoples to the attention of the Dutch government, civil society, business and science and works to encourage them to make a positive contribution to improving the situation of indigenous peoples at national and international levels.