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NCIV is the only organization in The Netherlands that has a primary focus on the promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples. NCIV has been working for more than forty years to create awareness about indigenous peoples’ issues and to advocate the rights of indigenous peoples both in The Netherlands and at the United Nations. One of the major successes of this work has been the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in 2007. Being a Dutch-based organization, NCIV has made a strategic choice to now focus on the implementation of this Declaration by The Netherlands. NCIV works to stimulate relevant actors in the Dutch society, such as the government, multinationals and NGO’s to improve the well-being of indigenous peoples. In this way NCIV, being a small organization with limited resources, can still be an effective partner for indigenous peoples. For more information about our mission and programme >>

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NCIV’s work is only possible with the help of institutional and private donors. We therefore greatly appreciate your support!

There are several ways to transfer your donation:

  • If you want to make a one time or periodical donation please download this form and send it by mail or fax it (only if you have a Dutch bank account). Or use the online donation form (just below) for this purpose.
  • You can also make a one-time or periodical donation by PayPal or with your credit card using this online donation form.
  • Or you can make a one-time deposit on our bank account: nr. 2017500, att. NCIV, P.O. Box 94098, NL-1090 GB Amsterdam. Please state the word “donation” in the subject line. If you make a donation from another country then the Netherlands, please mention the IBAN: NL39INGB0002017500 and the BIC: INGBNL2A of NCIV's account.
  • For Dutch taxpayers: Bij het nalaten van geld of goederen aan een goed doel zoals het NCIV, steunt u ons doel terwijl uw nalatenschap daar fiscaal ook van profiteert. Als u de fiscale regels op dit gebied goed toepast, bespaart u namelijk belasting. Voor meer informatie:
  • For more possibilities please contact Wim van Schie, tel. +31(0)20 6938625 or send an e-mail using our contact form.

NCIV is an officially recognized non-profit institution at the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). Therefore your donation is to be discounted on your tax declaration.

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NCIV is always looking for motivated and qualified volunteers. For current positions please check our vacancies.

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Buy sustainable products

What most people do not realize is that in this globalized world many of your actions may impact the lives and well-being of indigenous peoples. Natural resources, such as timber, oil, palm oil, soy, etc., necessary to make the products we consume, may originate from indigenous territories and banks that hold our savings could be investing in industrial projects on indigenous territories. We might travel to visit indigenous peoples to get to know their cultures and unique lifestyles without realizing the impact this may have on their cultures. In general, being conscience, and acting to reduce your social and ecological footprint can make a great difference. To reduce your footprint on indigenous peoples, we make a few suggestions:

  • Buy FSC-certified timber

About half of the worlds’ indigenous peoples live in tropical rain forests. The destruction of the forest, because of legal or illegal logging, is a major threat to indigenous peoples. More info on FSC;

  • Invest sustainable

Put your money where your mouth is. and

  • Travel sustainable

Tourism is one of the important threats to indigenous peoples, as they are mostly confronted with the downsides of it (such as environmental degradation and infringements on their social, cultural and spiritual life), but hardly see any (economic) benefits. Book your trip that includes visits to indigenous peoples through a travel agency with strict social and sustainability criteria. Their guides know about the do’s and don’t of visits to indigenous villages. One of the agencies NCIV has advised on their policies towards indigenous peoples is Sawadee.

  • Buy fair trade products

Many of the world’s natural resources are located on indigenous territories and forests that are home to indigenous peoples are cut down for agricultural production. In some cases the indigenous people are used for cheap labour or even abused as slaves. Therefore it is important to be aware of the origin of the products you buy and that social criteria (such as the rights of indigenous peoples and labour standards) are met. For more info on fair trade products:



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About NCIV

Since 1969, NCIV is an NGO that supports the promotion, recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights. NCIV brings the issues and views of indigenous peoples to the attention of the Dutch government, civil society, business and science and works to encourage them to make a positive contribution to improving the situation of indigenous peoples at national and international levels.