NCIV is the only organization in The Netherlands that has a primary focus on the promotion of the rights of indigenous peoples. NCIV has been working for more than forty years to create awareness about indigenous peoples’ issues and to advocate the rights of indigenous peoples both in The Netherlands and at various United Nations fora. We are part of a large network of indigenous peoples’ organizations (IPOs), indigenous experts and experts on indigenous peoples’ issues, not only in The Netherlands, but in many parts of the world.

In recent decades, indigenous peoples have faced the increasing negative impacts of economic globalization on their natural environment and their well-being. The business sector plays an important role in this process but is now working to make progress on Corporate Social Responsibility. The United Nations appointed a Special Representative to advance the business and human rights agenda and there are several initiatives to engage the business sector more in realizing the MDGs.

In 2009 NCIV started a research on the impact of the Dutch economy on indigenous peoples. In de first phase of the project we identified the most relevant sectors and countries. These are the imports of timber and palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia and soy from Brazil. In the second phase of this project NCIV will do more in depth field research and finally, NCIV intends to have an informed policy dialogue with the private sector, policy makers and civil society. For more information on this project>>

Since indigenous peoples belong to the poorest and most marginalized people in the world, NCIV started another project in 2009 involving a policy dialogue in The Netherlands on achieving sustainable livelihoods (MDG 7) for indigenous peoples.  The main objectives of this project are to identify areas for policy review and explore opportunities for new partnerships for development between Dutch actors (government, NGOs and private sector) and indigenous peoples. For more information on this project>>

What can we do for you?

If you are interested in developing a CSR project with indigenous peoples, please contact us. Furthermore, sponsoring and donations are most welcome!

NCIV can advise the business sector on how to include the rights of indigenous peoples in CSR policies and facilitate contact with indigenous peoples organisations from our network. For more information, please contact Mr. Leo van der Vlist, through this form>>


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About NCIV

Since 1969, NCIV is an NGO that supports the promotion, recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights. NCIV brings the issues and views of indigenous peoples to the attention of the Dutch government, civil society, business and science and works to encourage them to make a positive contribution to improving the situation of indigenous peoples at national and international levels.