Our organisation

NCIV has a formal structure of a foundation according to Dutch law, consisting of:

The board

The board currently consists of 6 voluntary professionals. They meet 4 times a year to monitor the progress of the year plan and the financial situation of the foundation. The board decides on the year’s budget and plans.

The board consists of the following members: Igor P. S. Bijlsma, Peter M. J. Jorna (secretary), Joris J. van der Sandt (chairman), Petra Dijk, Floor Timmerman and Anna Meijknecht.


The management of daily activities of the foundation is the responsibility of the director. Daily issues and work planning are discussed in the management team (every month) under supervision of the director. Agaath Schut is since January 2009 director of NCIV.

Staff and volunteers

Currently NCIV has a small team of 6 paid professionals who is complemented with volunteers and students who jointly work on the implementation of the annual program of NCIV.

About NCIV

Since 1969, NCIV is an NGO that supports the promotion, recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights. NCIV brings the issues and views of indigenous peoples to the attention of the Dutch government, civil society, business and science and works to encourage them to make a positive contribution to improving the situation of indigenous peoples at national and international levels.